From your inquiry, to your prints and beyond I'm here to help.

From your inquiry, to your prints and beyond I'm here to help.


Inquiring - Before Booking

I will return your inquiry with a break down of all pricing information.

Session Fee includes a credit towards your collection/al la carte

| all pre session planning | complete styling guide |

| pre session questionnaire | all immediate family (furry friends too) |

| travel time within 15 miles of Newton | proofing gallery | retouching |

| product processing | collection delivery |

After Booking

At this time you will receive a detailed questionnaire where I get to know all the details on your beautiful family. What makes everyone laugh, where do you feel most bonded, dos and dont's of each child (we know how different each child can be). Where do you feel most connected, what is your favorite part and thing to do with each child (etc.) This helps me in so many ways. It helps me learn how to connect with you, how to capture your connection with each other and helps me decide which location may work best for your family. We like to make sure this is as natural to your family as possible, no forced posing just being together.

Two / Three Weeks Before Your Session -

We will schedule a phone call where we will discuss collection options. I have collections that previous families have used and loved. But together we will build a collection that fits the needs of your life, your family, your home and most importantly your budget. I know this is a luxury and that times are not easy. Together we can come up with something that hits all of your check marks and can even chat about an interest free payment plan.

You will also receive a in depth styling questionnaire where I will figure out any likes and dislikes of everyones wardrobe, favorite colors and come up with an in depth inspirational styling board to help make outfit planning easy!

My goal is to make sure that this runs as smooth and possible - you just have to be in the moment!

Session Day

We will start the session with your family getting comfortable with me and not jumping right in front of the camera. We will start by playing games and getting to know each other (even though you will have already gave me all the details) the kids usually love that I already know their favorite song, game to play and all the things that make up your family. You will then spend the rest of the time being together, this is a family day and I am just along for the ride. I will guide you at times to the best lighting, encouraging interactions and just capturing who you are.

Processing Time

Within 7-10 business days after your session you will receive a link to view your proofing gallery. At this time you can decide if you would like to meet in person, or decide at home (I am always a phone call away) what images you would like to include in your Collection. After this time I will retouch all selected images and process your collection for printing. Delivery is usually done within 1-2 weeks after selection.

All corresponding images from your collection will also come with their own beautiful online gallery link so you can share with family or social media.


How do I book a shoot?

The contact page is where you can request a session and give me all the details, your thoughts and wishes. The more information the better! I will then respond with a break down of pricing and a link of available dates where you can easily book when you are ready!

What is the credit/how many images are included?

One of the things I always say is that I know how different everyones wants are. Some families want to have their gallery displayed in a book, some want them displayed on the wall, some want them for family members, and some just want their digital files. That is why your session fee includes a credit towards a collection package, Al La Carte, or digitals. This way YOU are in control of what your session includes and we can work together on building something that fits you.

Where are you based?

I am located in Newton but travel all over Sussex County and Northern NJ.

What is your turnaround time?

From your session to proofing gallery I say 7-10 business days as life with three children is sometimes hectic and I like to take my time and truly get everything perfect. (Most of the time I do it faster because I get so excited).

The time between getting your proofing gallery and having prints is usually pretty quick. The sooner. you select your collection I get right to work on retouching, and immediatley send your order in. Our professional printing company has an incredible turn around time!


Your family questionnaire is SO important. Some families are seasoned pros behind the camera while others need some warming up. It helps me to know how to approach your child. What makes your family unique, what adventures you love, are you a hiking family or do you like snuggles on the couch? Does your child like princesses or bugs or both?! All this helps your family and myself prepare for your session and truly helps me choose a location best for you.

Time of day / Session length

All of my in home / studio sessions take place in the morning hours as this is the best time for natural lighting.

Out door sessions take place about the hour before Sunset for the best lighting. If this time does not work for your family we can always do a sunrise or mid day session and we will alter locations for that!

Session length - I never put a time frame on our sessions. We just keep going until we keep chasing the light and keep having fun!


I like to photograph your family as you are, what you currently love and where you connect the most. If you are not hikers I do not want to drag your kiddos to the mountains!
We want to capture their happiness, where they truly are themselves.
Ice cream dates, picnics, fort dates in the living room, baking, backyard play, hiking, fishing. What do you do as a family that you all love?

I have a ton of incredible locations that fit a wide variety of interests - I will get a better idea from your questionnaire!

Remember we are capturing this moment in time, not forcing it!

I don't know when my baby is going to arrive!

If this is your first baby, this unknown is the first of many unplanned adventures. I don't plan much when I know I have a birth or newborn session for the time around your due date. All you can do is keep me informed!