what are you waiting for?

 Feeling sexy can sometimes be such a chore.

 Careers, motherhood and life seem to always just get in the way and you find yourself on the bottom of the to do list!

A boudoir photoshoot is SO much more than a photoshoot, with some photos at the end. It is a CONFIDENCE booster, it's learning to love yourself and your body ( in case you may have forgotten), it's feeling your absolute hottest when you see yourself on the screen, and a great way to spice up your love life!

Whether you are looking for a gift for your S.O or looking to boost your confidence.

I am here to be your hype girl!

meet me!


Hi there! Before you embark on this beautiful journey of boudoir, we should probably get to know each other first! 

I'M KYLAH! I have a million titles that I am beyond proud of mom to my 3 beautiful children, 2 crazy pups, chickens and ducks,

a wife to my incredibly supportive husband, and a photographer to name a few.

On this journey called life (especially motherhood) I, like many others have completely lost myself. Tangled up in taking care of everyone I forgot to take care of me. I felt guilty for enjoying my time alone equally as much as I enjoyed my time with my family. I didn't recognize the new girl I was seeing in the mirror.

That's when Boudoir entered my life- I took a leap and fell in love with making women fall back in love with themselves.

Whether you are a hard working women, a couple looking to get their intimacy back, a mother trying to feel like herself again or all of the above. Your sexuality and your body play such an important role in life, that all deserve to be celebrated.

You deserve to take moments, or even a full day to pamper yourself and feel good!

I am here to remind you that while you are busy being the many incredible things you are, you are still a strong, beautiful, sexy badass woman, lets celebrate you !

heads up, it's hot below!

Boudoir photos below