a brief run down.. how does this work?

Sessions take place during the late morning. Natural light is the best light! Sessions take roughly 3 hours, a bit longer if you want to add hair and makeup to your experience! 

After booking your session, you will receive the contract and a guide to help you best prepare for your day, a questionnaire to get to know you. 

The week leading up to your session we will have a consultation to discuss all of the details like hair and makeup, wardrobe, posing, favorite and least favorite features, your reason and any concerns you may have.

Time for your session! We will start off checking out your wardrobe, fixing up or doing your hair and makeup. During your session I will pose you, head to toe, we will dance to some music and have tons of laughs and fun!! Both of us will have a nice work out while getting into the best poses that flatter allll of your ASSets. 

Afterwards I will have your gallery to you within a week and you will finally see yourself the way you should!

Why should I do a session?

Everyone has their own reasons for doing a boudoir session. These aren't just "professional nudes" these are portraits of your body and all that it has done for you, and your family! This is the best gift you can give to you, over anything else!

I feel awkward in front of the camera how will I know what to do?

Leave it up to me! I will tell you step by step where to look, where to put your hands and I will show you every move to make, it's a fun workout!

Do you photoshop?

Woke up with a nasty pimple? Clumsy like me and have some crazy looking bruise? No worries at all! I do not believe in altering your body. We will have a work out but not enough to lose 100 pounds during your session. We are celebrating YOUR body after all! We will pose you and get you all dolled up.

That being said I will gladly smooth the skin and get rid of that pesky pimple, and all the bruises! Before your session, we will have an in depth consultation and discuss all of your favored features and any less favored features.

Hair and Make up?

I highly recommend going all in and pampering yourself! I have a hair and makeup girl that can come to our session the day of and pamper you for your session!


I feel every family/situation is different. Everyone has different wants and is doing this for many different reasons! Together, we will come up with a package that fits your needs specifically.

How long does it take to get your photos?

I get your digital album back to you within a week to pick your favorites!

Dont feel you're "ready"?

DO THE SHOOT! What better time to FORCE your confidence then when you dont feel your most confident? I PROMISE you will leave our session feeling like A BAD ASS WOMEN! No one will be able to tell you SHIT after our session, I promise you. You will see your photos and really challenge yourself and question why you ever doubted yourself!


I got you, I promise